Hiring, training, and staffing a team is the costliest and most time-consuming challenges which any professional operation undertakes in the cleaning industry today.

How to Be a Rock Star Custodian, is the first session of a 5-part series which identifies, articulates and focuses on the qualities of those custodians who stand out. These individuals motivate, lead and encourage a team.

This session breaks down the word CUSTODIAN and looks at the personality traits of those who possess the backbone of a Rock Star custodian.

Engage your team in this interactive presentation designed to inspire and motivate any individual in the cleaning industry, to look at the true meaning and qualities of the profession.

Rock Star Custodian Series

The sessions in this series are intended to engage, inspire and motivate all frontline staff members of faculty services within any educational institution.

The messages within these sessions will enlighten staff members on how to deal with HUMAN issues of the job, something all past and current programs have not addressed.

Every staff member in facility maintenance should engage in the first session, “How to Be a Rock Star Custodian”. Instruction time for each session is approx. 1 hour.

All Staff

1. How to Be a Rock Star Custodian:

This general session outlines what the letters in CUSTODIAN stand for, motivating custodians to look at their job in a much different way.

2. Building a Rock Star Family:

Most of us have been coached to use TEAMWORK as our foundation. This take on FAMILYWORK and how to build a respectful work family will challenge what we have always been taught.

Supervisory Staff

1. Supervising Rock Star Custodians:

You already know what your Rock Stars’ qualities are, now how do you manage the expectations of this Rock Star and keep them on the team?

2. Supervising a Rock Star Family:

It’s not enough to simply have Rock Star members, you need to put the pieces of the puzzle together right to have a fully functional family.

3. How to Be a Rock Star Leader:

Part of the puzzle is recognizing and working with, the personalities within the family. Analyzing the issues and having a plan to communicate is paramount.

The basis of these presentations are from the book, “Who Swings Your Mop”, by Michael Ward. Dave Thompson and the Academy have secured the rights to use this copyrighted material for these sessions.

Purchase your copy of the book which inspired this Rock Star Custodian series.

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